Armed Motorcycle Thief Shot by Police

Armed Motorcycle Thief Shot by Police 1 photo
Photo: YouTube
If there's one thing about the Brazilian Police is the fact that these guys don't seem to hesitate when they can intervene and stop a crime. And this is exactly what an armed motorcycle thief learned, after attacking a rider in broad daylight and being subsequently shot by a police officer passing by.
The day could have ended pretty bad for the Sao Paulo Honda rider from whose helmet cam this footage comes from. He is passed by two fellows on a bike and as both machines stop to give way, the passenger on the second bike produces a handgun.

He then threatens the Honda rider, who lays the bike on the road, then asks for what it appears to be a mobile phone or wallet.

As the thief picks his new bike up and prepares to flee, a black car stops and a police officer shoots the perpetrator twice, putting an end to the crime. The rider on the thieves' bike escapes, but we just know he'll quickly be brought in, too.

The original uploader of the video says the thief was only wounded, and not killed. We can in fact see him moving as the ambulance arrives at the site of the shooting.

The bike was only scratched and will be alright. As for the thief, the future doesn't look exactly bright. Funny how things change in a split second, ain't it so?

Viewer discretion advised.

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