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Arksen 45 Is a Versatile Boat Designed to Satisfy Adventure Seekers

Those who seek to get a taste of adventure all year round might find Arksen's new 43.7-ft (13.3-meter) vessel to be an ideal water toy. The UK Shipyard designed Arksen 45 to function as a day boat, weekend explorer, chase boat, or tender, offering the owner the possibility to have multiple options in a single package.
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Arksen 45Arksen 45Arksen 45Arksen 45Arksen 45Arksen 45Arksen 45
This vessel is part of Arksen's new explorer series, created for those with a truly adventurous spirit. Its modular design allows it to be adjusted to fit the owner's taste. So even if it is diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, bicycling, or fishing, Arksen provides the ideal platform to accommodate the needs of adventure-seekers. Moreover, it's capable of functioning as a chase boat or tender for larger yachts as well.

For its size, it offers plenty of amenities. The 43.7-ft (13.3-meter) vessel can accommodate four guests on board, and it has a room with a full-height shower. It also comes with an enclosed pilothouse and a dinette positioned next to a fully-equipped galley.

Other features included are heating and air conditioning, as well as twin or triple outboard and inboard options. The Arksen 45 was built to operate in all weather conditions and provide extended journeys at sea.

In terms of performance, the new vessel doesn't disappoint. It can navigate across the water for up to 575 miles (926 km). Depending on the powertrain chosen, it can reach impressive speeds of more than 50 knots (57.5 mph/ 93 kph).

Dominic Byrne, Arksen's Sales and Marketing Director, said that they "wanted to create a new type of boat, one that can constantly adapt to the needs of the owner and their family. Something that was comfortable, safe, and with the versatility to be used all year round, as a day boat, weekend explorer, chase boat or tender. We wanted a boat that could incorporate all these things, so we developed the Arksen 45."

The shipyard will launch Arksen 45 later this year. More details are expected to follow once the new vessel hits the water.


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