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Ariel Atom Crash Turns It into a Three-Wheeler

The Ariel Atom is a raw machine and its drivers should bevery well aware of this fact. It’s wasy to get carried away behind the wheel of the atom, since it is basically an adrenaline button.
Ariel Atom Crash in London 3 photos
Ariel Atom Crash in LondonAriel Atom Crash in London
However, this can also lead to trouble, if you don’t know what you’re doing or decide to put you foot down at the wrong moment. We don’t know exactly if this decided to the guy who was driving the Ariel in the adjacent images (coming from wreckedexotics), but we can show you the aftermath of an unfortunate event that took place while he was behind the wheel in London.

We are talking about a test driver that was delivering the Atom to a client and hit three tons of steel belonging to a Range Rover that was parked on the side of the street. The result: an Ariel Atom three wheeler...


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