Ariel Atom 3.5R vs. Audi RS6: Who Will Win This Drag Race?

Ariel Atom 3.5R vs. Audi RS6: Who Will Win This Drag Race? 1 photo
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Cars are getting bigger yet faster each year, but there's still a batch of super-lightweight machines. BAC Mono, Caterham, KTM X-Box, Lotus 3-Eleven, Zenos E10R - but the Ariel Atom is still the icon of this segment.
This video doesn't stand a chance of being as entertaining as the Range Rover SVR vs. the Caterham 360R. The Atom is presented here in its most powerful incarnation while its rival is also a traction monster.

Still, you could argue that the super-Avant and Atom 3.5 R are at the different ends of the automotive spectrum. It's a motorbike with four wheels against a family wagon with a twin-turbo supercar engine.

As Carfecion repeatedly points out, this test is not a scientific one. Nowhere does it say how long the piece of track is or what speed the cars reach when crossing the line.

But the specs of the cars are already pretty well know. The Atom uses a familiar scaffolding formula to keep weight down to just 550 kilograms minus the driver.

The 3.5R is not a reflection of the displacement, but of the available horsepower: 350. This comes from a supercharged 2-liter Honda engine. So it's like a more awesome Civic Type R in a way.

The 3.5R also borrows some goodies from the Atom 500 (the V8 model), including the six-speed Sadev paddle shift gearbox and the Öhlins TTX dampers.

But the weird thing is that it costs about as much as a full-spec RS6 performance. Speaking of which, there's no reason to believe that the Audi doesn't have its full 650 horsepower. There was also the Nagaro Edition with 705 HP which looks suspiciously like what we see here.

While the trunk of the RS6 is huge, we'd like to point out that the Atom has one too. It's probably big enough for a box of tissues and a change of underwear.

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