Aria FXE Is an American 1,150 HP Hybrid Lambo Lookalike Worth Over a Million

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If there's one aspect the North American automotive industry is short of compared to its European counterpart, that's supercars. Sure, it has plenty of vehicles with mountains of power and go-fast ability, but that isn't enough to make them supercars.
For that, they need a stylish design, great aerodynamics, a low stance and, most importantly, the "wow factor." Try looking at the Aria FXE without nodding your head approvingly at its design. Hell, you might even raise both your eyebrows, surprised that a company you've never heard of could come up with something this good looking.

There's a lot of dramatism in the FXE's exterior design, but it's of the good kind. We've seen lots of super and hypercars lately whose appearances fell into a specific template. They weren't bad designs, they were just a bit too... boring. Too predictable. They lacked the "wow factor."

Aria FXE has a bit of Lamborghini to its styling, but the influences are discreet enough to grant it its own identity. The hybrid supercar is developed by Aria Group, a company that's been developing prototypes for the automotive and aerospace industries, but it is now looking to go into production itself.

The FXE was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but if its design looks familiar to you, it's because it was shown earlier this year as "Fast Eddie" - a bespoke car wearing a fictive Corvette-like logo and showcasing a set of HRE Performance wheels. It was a confusing appearance, but it all makes sense now.

Aria wants to sell the FXE together with a less powerful and expensive version called the FX. The latter will be powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine (probably of GM descent), but that's about as far as the info we have on the model goes right now. Given the engine choice, however, it should prove a blast for any petrolhead who enjoys a high-revving big displacement unit slotted inside a mid-engined supercar. Which is another way of describing any cold-blooded creature on this planet.

The FXE, however, is a lot more high-tech than that. It still gets a 6.2-liter V8 engine, but this one comes with a supercharger as well for an output of 720 hp. As if that weren't enough, the FXE also uses two electric motors on each of the front wheels, bringing the combined available power to 1,150 hp.

Using a dual-clutch transmission with manual shift mode and a lightweight construction built around a carbon fiber monocoque, the U.S. supercar can reach 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. If that doesn't seem impressive, you can write Tesla a letter of complaint about ruining stats forever with its second-gen Roadster.

Top speed is said to be 220 mph (354 km/h) and, thanks to a 10 kWh battery pack, the FXE should even offer a few miles of all-electric range, for those times when you want to match the stealth fighter looks with a stealthy approach to your house as well.

A high-performance hybrid supercar from a low-volume manufacturer - we've heard this recipe before, and it usually came with a very steep price tag. We're sorry to inform you that the Aria FXE makes no exception. The sum hasn't been settled yet, but it will definitely be in the seven-figure zone. Yes, ouch.
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