Are SUVs Better Than Wagons / Estates: Volvo vs. Land Rover Review

Are SUVs Better Than Wagons / Estates: Volvo vs. Land Rover Review 2 photos
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Station wagons died out in America round about the 1980's, when Japanese minivans like the Honda Odyssey took over. But in Europe, that transition happened much later, and it's the SUVs that ate up all the market share.
Do you need an SUV? Doesn't the estate do the same job for less money while drinking less fuel? Usually, the guy that bought a 4x4 says "yeah," but mine is like a tank, it makes me feel safe and powerful.

Usually, that's the end of the discussion, but Carfection decided to make a review for the YouTube community. It would have been interesting to see two models from the same brand, but the Volvo V90 and Land Rover Discovery Sport are far more representative of their respective niches.

Naturally, any discussion about station wagons and Volvo turns into "my aunt had one" and "do you know where the word comes from?" But we're more interested in the V90, or should we say the Cross Country.

Yes, this is a version of the big Swedish car that's built to deal with rough roads - higher suspension, body cladding and drive modes. Surprisingly, though, the reviews somehow come up with the idea that estates are upside down sign of virility - I have a big car, and therefore I was able to make a lot father a lot of children.

SUVs are a statement, like diver's watches, they say. Just as most people never strap on their timepieces and go 200 meters under the sea, crossovers are never forced to deal with nature's truly wild side.

Another interesting point being made is that estates seem that much longer and harder to park because they are short in stature. Meanwhile, the SUV, with its boxy appearance, seems manageable. But the higher driving position is a real benefit when you're trying to see over hedges or cars in front.

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