Arc Boats Unveils What Over $100M Can Achieve, and the Sport Is What We'll Want This Year

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With the appearance of electric drivetrains and our ability to manipulate batteries, countless industries have begun to change. One such industry is boating, and in recent years, California's Arc Boats has been chasing the buzz, and might I add, with huge success!
Folks, the name Arc Boats is a rather new one on the boating scene. Nonetheless, this Cali-born team has been hard at work hitting North America with some rather neat and exciting machines, not to mention tech.

If you've been keeping up with autoevolution, then the Arc One is bound to sound familiar. It's one of the electric boats you see in the gallery, and even though it was selling for around $300K when it first launched, it quickly sold out. This machine even helped Arc scoop up over $100 million from investments, and now, we get to see the next stage of where all that money went.

It's called the Arc Sport, and just as you would imagine, it's an electric beast, much like the One, but designed to be the go-to solution for those of us who often visit bodies of water with no other intention than chasing the thrill of adrenaline. Time to dive a tad deeper into this one and see what we're in store for if we drop a good $258K (€238,500 at current exchange rates) on this pretty little minx.

By now, you've surely picked up on the fact that Arc Boats is a bit different from most other manufacturers in that their machines are electric, and the Sport is no exception. As for what makes it different from the One, that's what we're here to find out.

Arc Sport
Photo: Arc Boat Company
The idea behind Arc's work is to bring a better, cleaner, and more effective way to make waves, but the Sport differs from the one in that this one is all about watersports, just as its name would imply. That said, Arc has designed the Sport to be a wake boat used to kick up waves for your wakeboarding and waterskiing friends, among others. Yet there's a tad more to it than that.

Like most other EVs, the Sport is designed to run virtually silent while still bringing 570 hp to your local lake. All those ponies are brought to life with 226 kWh of battery power, distributed in such a way as to create the biggest waves around. The inclusion of a computer-controlled water ballast also feeds bigger waves.

As for how long we'll be able to operate the Sport, sources state that one can be used for up to six hours on a full charge, but I'm sure that number is sure to drop the moment you start punching it around the lake or tributaries.

Arc One
Photo: Arc Boat Company
Now, Arc likes to consider their craft a "smart" boat. Why? Well, aside from the aerospace engineering that Arc dumps into each one, it's also packed with the electronics needed to ensure everything is in peak working order. It can even complete Over-the-Air updates and is packed with safety software to not only make sure you and your passengers are safe but also to ensure the boat's safety.

All that's to be kept an eye on via a modern and very tech-laden cockpit. Here, we can find a touchscreen that controls nearly every system on the vessel, another display for speed and a few other details, a steering wheel, and a sweeping windshield. The latter features a section that can be moved over to access the bow.

While flying around at full throttle, kicking up waves as you go is fun and all, another side of these types of boasts is their ability to offer a wonderful outdoor experience. With that in mind, be sure to picture yourself and up to 14 other people hanging out, relaxing, enjoying refreshments, and chatting it up on the local lake or coastline.

Arc Sport
Photo: Arc Boat Company
All this is made possible by a well-defined deck design that creates multiple spaces where you and your guests can cheer on whoever is being towed behind the boat, and even though it has this whole modern and minimalist feel, it's packed to the teeth with features and spaces for gear and refreshments. Be sure to blast your favorite jams through the JL Audio speakers.

But what about the all-important toys you and your friends may need? If you've checked out those images, you may have noticed that the bimini integrates a neat little storage bay into its construction. It's here that you'll deposit your boards and skis.

As for a final trick up the Sport's sleeve, it's the bimini once again, the whole dang thing, actually. Whether you want to load and unload gear, provide shade or sunlight, or change the position of your lines, Arc integrated an auto-retract feature into this tower. Again, it's a "smart" boat, to say the least.

At this stage, all that's left is to head over to Arc's website, drop a $500 deposit on your own Sport, and wait for it to come off the assembly line. Or, if you need to see it to believe it, sign up for this manufacturer's test drive events happening throughout the US and Canada.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase the Arc One as well.

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