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Arai’s Regent X Helmet Packs the Perfect Balance of Comfort and Protection
If two-wheelers happen to be your thing, then you might already have an idea about Arai’s legacy on delivering premium, top-of-the-line helmets with a rather impressively large range of “interior-fit shapes to better address the infinite variety of riders’ head shapes and sizes”

Arai’s Regent X Helmet Packs the Perfect Balance of Comfort and Protection

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Here’s how their recently launched Regent X model not only carries forward the best features of comfort and protection set by its predecessors, but also comes with a couple of sneaky tweaks to further push the limits of ‘how comfy could comfy possibly get?’. One thing’s for sure, riders love it!

Let’s dive in deeper and take a closer look at the details:

The Regent X adopts the brand’s reputed Facial Contour System (FCS), a set of flexible articulating pads that move when taking off or putting on your brain bucket, as well as wrapping around your face for a personalized fit. I should probably mention that the interior padding is insanely plush (though being a product of Arai, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise).

The antimicrobial, sweat-wicking inner lining is guaranteed to keep out any unwanted odor for a pretty extended period of time. Nevertheless, when you do feel it might be time to wash out the stench, perhaps after cruising on some hot summer days, it’ll prove to be a fairly effortless task given that the padding is semi-removable.

While also featuring speaker pockets for ease of communication on the road and channels to fit your glasses, be they necessary for your eyesight or simply because it’s just that bright outside, Arai’s Regent X already starts to sound quite delicious. Just please make sure you don’t get too cozy wrapped in the soft, cushion-like padding and dose off when doing 60mph on the freeway, okay?

Oh, and we’re just getting started!

Its outstanding Free Flow System (FFS) ventilation reduces wind noise by creating airflow below the helmet, simultaneously increasing hot air exhaust. That way, you’ll be sure to maintain a comfortable temperature, be isolated from unwanted distractions and breathe with such ease that you’ll forget you’re wearing a full-face.

Two incremental, yet most notable tweaks Arai has put forward are a brand new, thinner neck roll that makes the new product just that little bit quieter and more lightweight, while still contributing to a safe and sound fit, along with a subtle 5mm increase in the opening compared to their standard Hyper Ridge design.

Many a rider have praised the Regent X for the considerably increased ease of putting the thing on and taking it off your brain box, which I’d say is resulted from the smooth combination of the two aforementioned innovations. Just comes to show how attention to detail makes a world of a difference.

Arai themselves claim comfort and protection to be “the true measure of a helmet’s worth”, and I couldn’t agree more. Now that we’ve covered the superior comfort of our newcomer, let’s talk protection.

According to experts, the exterior egg-like profile was designed to further the efficiency of impact deflection and have the surface of the helmet slide more freely.

The company claims that the one-piece EPS liner of various densities, based on the positioning within the shell, puts the Regent X on par with the high-class Corsair-X, while the new PB-cLc shell construction uses a less costly resin than models such as, for example, the Signet. This reinvented, yet robust shell helps put this marvel of a helmet on the more affordable end of the producer’s price range, but doesn’t fall short of top grade in terms of safety and impact protection.

Laminated fiberglass – or Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction, in fancy terms – stiffly reinforces the upper end of the eye-port, further improving shell strength at no extra cost or weight.

If it wasn’t already crystal clear, Arai’s Regent X is 100% DOT and Snell M2020 certified, meeting and even exceeding standards in all areas without a hassle.

Finally, to match the rest of your gear and make you shine like a pro rider on the road, Arai’s newborn groundbreaker comes with as many as six solid colors and three graphics options to suit your style, priced between $560 (for solid colors) and $680 (for graphics). The size range generously extends from XS all the way up to XXL, so it’s virtually impossible not to find the ideal one for you.

Wait, did I just say it’s priced between $560 and $680…making the Regent X the most affordable member of the Arai family?

I did! Oh, the hype…

If you’re reading this and haven’t already opened one or more other tabs on your browser to check it out for yourself, I’m not too sure what you’re waiting for.


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