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Arab-Style Drift on Russian Highway

If you thought that Arab-style drifting and ‘car control techniques’ are confined to the Arab countries, you’d be very wrong. It seems that similar driving techniques have been adopted in Russia, where drivers risk it all for a few spectacular seconds of video.
While we’re not sure this maneuver was planned, or not, but the driver masterfully controls the narrow and top-heavy Daihatsu, just pointing it in the right direction as it wobbles about after the 'drift' maneuver and driving off as if nothing had happened. Here, at the autoevolution office, opinions are split on the matter of the 18-wheeler clipping the car or not. What do you think?

Anyway, if something like this ever happens to you, try to stay calm and anticipate the movements of the car, while also trying to counteract them until you are pointing in the right direction, again. Don’t let go of the steering wheel, close your eyes and scream as that will most likely make the situation much worse.


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