Arab Drifting Video Tutorial Shows AK47 Shooting

The Arab Drifts need no presentation, so we’ll get right to the point: a new video is out and it seems wilder and more stupid than ever!
Just when we were amazed how much media coverage a dull car like the Toyota Camry can receive, these Middle East boys come and throw this kind of vehicles sideways extremely close to school buses, trucks and just about every other car involved in the daily commute.

However, the craziness (in a bad way) has been taken to a whole new level. It’s not enough to powerslide average family sedans through daily traffic at amazing speeds and slip angles - this times we also get assault rifles being shot out the window.

And there’s more. It seems like these guys actually do have consideration for the other people in the world and have made efforts to show others how to do the same stupid stupid stupid stupid activity, as we get in-car footage which allows us to see the moves of the man behind the wheel.

What can we say... we’re waiting for the uncut version, in which we also get to see the “boom”s, “kabang”s and “waaaaam”s. Let’s just hope that there only thing being crushed is the metal.

If you think about it, the through-traffic drifting and bullet rain in this video makes driving in India seem extremely normal. We’ll stick to doing this and that on closed courses...


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