Arab Drifting Goes Green: Bus Full of People Drifting in Traffic

The Arab drifters realized that they had to take things to the next level if they wanted to grab atention again. You see, people got bored of seeing them powersliding sedans through rush-hour traffic, shooting AK47s out the window while drifting and so on.
Thus, they came up with Arab Drifting 2.0. This can be considered an eco activity, as even they, who hold the petrol reserves, understood that they need to stop burning that fuel and use public transportation. Thus, they've released the adjacent clip, which shows them drifting a bus full of people!

Neither the passengers, nor the spectators seem worried by the four-wheeled elephant moving from one side of the road to another in a manner that could kill them all in a fraction of a second, so we're pretty sure that we'll see more of this.


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