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April Fools: Peugeot RCZ with Mood Paint

Peugeot has developed a system that changes the color of your car depending on driver mood. To demonstrate the technology, an RCZ with Mood Paint, which is available from April Fools Day, was tested and the results are quite impressive.
The systems changes the molecular structure of the paint to alter the way in which it reflects light, thus creating different colors. Of course since you are inside the car, you can’t feel ashamed of that ugly front end.

"This really is a world first for motoring, to have developed a paint that accurately reflects the emotion of the driver, will no doubt have our competitors green with envy. Particularly as our customers can experience this innovation behind the wheel of the RCZ - a sports coupe that already inspires goose-bumps with its double-bubble roof line,” explains product manager, Vince Clisham.

All we know is our RCZ would have been red the whole time! Oh and, by the way: the head of innovation’s name, Flora Polis, is a play on April Fools.


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