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Apple to Release a Major CarPlay Update With New Features and Improvements

Apple has announced iOS 15, the next iPhone operating system update, and as we told you already, big things are coming to people who use CarPlay as well.
New CarPlay wallpapers coming in iOS 15 1 photo
In addition to the new feature called Driving Focus and support for announcing messages with Siri, CarPlay will also get the new Apple Maps experience that includes a revamped dark mode and the 3D navigation support.

Of course, these are improvements specifically aimed at those who rely on Apple Maps for navigation. Still, as we learned already, Apple is working non-stop on refining its Google Maps alternative, so the number of users is likely to grow on iPhone and CarPlay alike.

Apple Maps, for example, will be getting more detailed maps and a 3D navigation mode that will make it easier to figure out which way to go, with colored items on the map for a clearer view.

At the same time, iOS 15 will also come with new wallpapers for CarPlay, a feature everybody loves but is currently limited to a collection of backgrounds selected by Apple. And this won’t change with the debut of iOS 15 either, as users will still have to stick with the pre-loaded wallpapers; well, at least Apple is adding more of them.

There are eight new wallpapers (four backgrounds, each with dark and light versions), though Apple could very well add more by the time iOS 15 is ready for debut. Unfortunately, the company still doesn’t seem to be interested in providing users with custom wallpaper support, so we still have to pick our own photos to use as CarPlay backgrounds for the time being.

An early beta version of iOS 15 is already available for testing, but of course, this isn’t recommended for end users as it comes with an increased likelihood of problems. The full version of the operating system is projected to land in September.


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