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Apple Releases New iPhone Update With Good News for CarPlay Users

iOS 15 as a whole didn’t bring too much good news for CarPlay users, aside from the Apple Maps 3D navigation that wasn’t even available from day one.
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On the other hand, Apple was still trying to polish the car-optimized experience for its users, so the next updates released by the company still came with several improvements for CarPlay.

This is also the case with iOS 15.2, a new, highly anticipated update for iPhones that just went live a few minutes ago.

The new operating system update, which users can download today as long as they have an iPhone 6s or a newer model, includes the enhanced city map in Apple Maps. This refresh comes with more road details, such as turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks.

Of course, this Apple Maps update is only available for select regions, and as we learned the hard way, Apple isn’t necessarily in a rush to reach the broad availability phase.

In other words, you’d better not hold your breath to get this Apple Maps update, as it could take much longer for Apple to bring it to everybody.

iOS 15.2 also resolves a glitch causing CarPlay to no longer update the Now Playing information for certain apps. And last but not least, it comes with a fix for HomeKit scenes that include a garage door and no longer running if the iPhone is locked.

At the end of the day, iOS 15.2 is mostly a bug-fixing release for CarPlay users, but this is still good news, especially considering the very unstable experience in the car reported after the update to iOS 15.

If you want to install the new operating system update on your phone, just head over to Settings > General > Software update. Make sure you give it some time to complete, as the update comes in a large package, and you’d better connect your iPhone to a power source.


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