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Apple Releases Highly-Anticipated CarPlay Update with Critical Fixes

It’s no longer a secret that the experience with CarPlay has left a lot to be desired after the update to iOS 15. Released with much fanfare the last fall, this new operating system version brought little in terms of new features for CarPlay but so much more when it comes to random glitches.
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Reports of CarPlay problems after the update to iOS 15 and the subsequent versions of the operating system landed every once in a while.

Unfortunately for all impacted users, Apple has so far remained completely tight-lipped on everything regarding the problems encountered on CarPlay. But on the other hand, it looks like the company has been quietly working on a fix, as the latest iOS update finally resolves a series of critical issues for users who connect an iPhone to head units in their cars.

More specifically, iOS 15.2.1, which is now available for download for all supported iPhones, includes a fix for third-party apps that may not respond to input.

This is according to the changelog shared by Apple, though at the same time, it looks like the experience with CarPlay is much more refined now after this new update.

One of the biggest problems with CarPlay after the update to iOS 15 impacted the majority of third-party apps like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, and others. In most cases, these apps just stopped working all of a sudden, sometimes returning to normal when users manually launched them on their iPhones.

It goes without saying such a problem was rather troublesome, especially in the case of navigation apps, because it happened right in the middle of the drive. This means drivers lost their navigation when they needed it the most, and the only workaround was to just take their eyes on the road and launch the app manually on the iPhone.

Users are therefore recommended to update their iPhones to iOS 15.2.1 as soon as possible, especially if they’ve previously struggled with various glitches on CarPlay.


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