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Apple Quietly Working on a New-Generation Feature for Its Google Maps Rival

The skyrocketing gas prices have made the entire world look for more efficient means of transportation, and while buying an EV isn’t necessarily something that most people can do overnight, more affordable alternatives like electric bikes could be more convenient choices.
Evidence found that e-bike routing is coming to Apple Maps 6 photos
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Apple apparently is working hard to prepare for an avalanche of e-bikes, so the company has started working on a new navigation feature specifically aimed at powered bicycles.

More specifically, Steve Moser has revealed on Twitter that e-bike routing is currently in the works for the Google Maps rival, with the Cupertino-based tech giant focusing on delivering optimized routes and ETAs for powered bicycles.

While at this point the feature is believed to be in the very early stages, it’s not very difficult to imagine how the whole thing could end up working. Most likely, Apple Maps will look for the most efficient routes for an e-bike by analyzing a series of factors, including road incline and the average speed.

The new option will probably be included under the cycling tab, so the experience overall will be as straightforward as possible.

The only question is when exactly Apple is planning to start the rollout. Most likely, we will hear more about routes for e-bikes in Apple Maps later this year, possibly in the fall when Apple will release a new major iPhone operating system update.

Many Apple Maps announcements have been tied to iPhone updates, so maybe the tech giant plans to announce the new e-bike features when iOS 16 goes live in September.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t expect to get the new capabilities too soon if you don’t live in the United States. Apple has been prioritizing its home market for the release of major Apple Maps updates, and in some cases, bringing new features to non-U.S. regions takes several months and sometimes even years.

For now, however, you’d better not hold your breath to use e-bike navigation in Apple Maps, regardless of your current location.


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