Apple Pure Visual Study Is an Autonomous Sleeper With Porsche-Like Capabilities

The era of the EV has begun. With the surge of alternatively fueled cars in full swing, another technological idea now takes shape—autonomous vehicles.
Apple Pure Concept 7 photos
Photo: Devanga Borah
Apple Pure ConceptApple Pure ConceptApple Pure ConceptApple Pure ConceptApple Pure ConceptApple Pure Concept
If you start to feel like you missed out on an industry move that Apple has just made after seeing these images, don’t; what you see is only a concept with the famed logo all over it. Springing from the mind of student designer Devanga Borah of India, the Apple Pure is a study aimed at developing an urban mobility vehicle able to cruise around without any passenger input; in layman's terms, it's envisioned to function autonomously. However, the designer’s ideation boards tell one hell of a story.

Imagine that this vehicle is only suitable for two people and functions based on similar principles used by Waymo. You probably noticed the giant eye-like features on top of the Pure. Like your own eyes, these cameras see the world around and feed information to the brains of the operation to safely maneuver through town. Several other sensors and cameras complete a 360-degree image of your world.

Apple Pure Concept
Photo: Devanga Borah
Since autonomy and electricity go so well together, the designer also created the Pure featuring electric power. In recent times, most EVs that appeared on the market have employed a platform-like structure with individual motors in each wheel. This structure is also found as a base for the Pure. A massive central platform includes the battery cells and other components needed to direct power to whichever motor needs it most.

Now for the fun part. Sure, this concept looks quirky and slightly like a weekend garage project, but Borah is a big fan of anything fast. How fast? Porsche fast. That's no joke, the idea behind this autonomous EV reveals a car capable of outrunning Dubai Police. How this happens, however, is not mentioned. There's no information regarding engine power, battery capacity, or range.

As for the bodywork, nothing resembling the familiar is seen, except if you compare this ride a shoe's geometry. At the front, two long arms form wheel wells for the front wheels, almost giving the impression that the Pure can lean into turns. Following the bodywork towards the rear, rigid panel work quickly erases that notion. The rear wheels see a similar treatment to the front, blending these two segments of the car into one fluid and aerodynamic wonder. At least it looks that way.

Apple Pure Concept
Photo: Devanga Borah
We may never find what's inside the Pure, mind you. No mention is made of the passenger layout or the sort of materials used for paneling. We don't even know what people will be doing inside this window-less pod, unless Borah whips one up after reading this piece.

What about getting inside the Pure? Nothing here either. Since the top looks like it may lift, maybe you can get in through the exposed openings along the sides. The truth is that may never be revealed. So why would anyone make a design that brandishes the Apple logo but includes no further details?

Well, like most concepts out there, this one is an exploration of a possible future that may one day come true. If not the actual vehicle, some of its technological ideas could become reality going forward. That brings everything full circle as an autonomous future is already here and can be seen and experienced via a wide range of vehicles. From trucks used in distribution like the Einride to high-performance racers like those participating in Roborace and your nap-while-driving Tesla, the future is already here.
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