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Apple Maps Becomes a Better Waze Alternative With New Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Apple has been working on multiple fronts to improve Apple Maps, and one of the most recent efforts has been focused specifically on making the app a better alternative to Google Maps and Waze.
Safety Cloud alerts on Apple Maps 9 photos
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Without a doubt, competing against Waze isn’t easy, especially as the Google-owned app has a huge userbase that powers its traffic reporting system.

However, Apple Maps has also been updated with incident reporting, as the iPhone maker clearly hopes this is a feature that could help increase the share of its app.

In the meantime, however, the Cupertino-based tech giant has also explored a different approach to improve the alerts available in Apple Maps. The company has joined forces with HAAS Alert for the integration of Safety Cloud real-time roadway hazard information right into Apple Maps, with users to therefore receive notifications right in the app when approaching a flagged location.

HAAS Alert is a system that uses information from safety emergency vehicles, incident responders, and road workers to provide alerts to nearby drivers.

The platform is already integrated into a series of new emergency vehicles, and it can provide alerts either through infotainment systems or via apps like Waze.

And starting this week, Apple Maps is a supported application, no matter if it runs on iPhone and CarPlay.

Without a doubt, Apple Maps is making good progress, but it’s still not a secret that Apple needs to up its ante if it wants the app to become a fully-featured alternative to Google Maps. Apple Makes sticks with baby steps for all the improvements it receives, and the rollout of new features takes way longer than expected, with users in non-U.S. locations sometimes waiting for more than a year to try out the new technology bundled with the app.

The arrival of Safety Cloud is obviously aimed at the U.S. market, with the alerts to therefore be offered only to local Apple Maps users.


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