Apple iCar Could Look Like a Typical Apple Product, Geeks Will Get It

We've known for a while that Apple was working on an Apple Car, and despite finding solid evidence in this regard, the Cupertino-based tech giant remains tight-lipped on the project.
Apple Car rendering 7 photos
Photo: Jyo John Mulloor with Bogdan Popa's edits
Apple iCar - RenderingApple iCar - RenderingApple iCar - RenderingApple iCar - RenderingApple iCar - RenderingApple iCar - Rendering
In the meantime, the Apple community sticks with what it does best. People familiar with the matter keep spilling the beans on the project while digital artists put all the available information together to create renderings of Apple's upcoming vehicle.

Jyo John Mulloor did the same thing with an iCar rendering, envisioning what the Apple Car could look like when it receives the go-ahead later this decade.

I'm not going to comment too much on the looks because the design speaks for itself, but the one thing that it makes me think of is another Apple product. If you're a tech-savvy user, you probably spotted the resemblance, too. This proposed iCar design seems inspired by the Apple Magic Mouse, a device that feels awful in hand but looks born with aerodynamics in mind.

I've never been a fan of the Magic Mouse despite owning several and typing on a Mac right now. The device suffers heavily in terms of ergonomics, but from a design perspective, it's a neat piece of technology ready to evolve into a vehicle.

The proposed iCar concept sports huge wheels and plenty of chrome, along with the gigantic Apple logo in front so everybody can tell it's an Apple Car. Some people seem to believe it looks like an evolved version of the Tesla Model S, and I'll let you judge using the comment box after the jump if this is true.

In the meantime, if you're waiting for an Apple Car, you'd better not hold your breath for it. The vehicle won't arrive before 2025 or 2026, as Apple wants to get everything ready before making an official announcement. Sources with knowledge of the matter said Apple would start teasing the Apple Car in 2024, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the company at least hinting at a vehicle as soon as this year.

Next month's Apple unveiling will witness the debut of the new-generation CarPlay. Apple will likely invite important figures from the automotive industry to discuss the new CarPlay on stage, which could be the perfect occasion for the company to announce its more ambitious project. However, taking the wraps off a full car is a double-edged sword.

Once the project sees daylight, Apple will evolve from a technology company into a direct competitor to traditional carmakers, and no matter the looks of the vehicle, the iPhone maker will no longer be just a partner. It'll become a rival fighting for the same audience, especially as the automotive industry slowly migrates to zero-emission vehicles.
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Editor's note: Gallery includes photos of a separate Apple Car rendering project.

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