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Apple Hopes More Users Will Replace Google Maps With Its Updated Navigation App

Apple announced a massively overhauled Apple Maps experience a long time ago, but as everybody knows already, the company isn’t really very committed to a timely launch everywhere.
Stop sign information on CarPlay 7 photos
Cycling directions in Apple MapsCycling directions in Apple MapsCycling directions in Apple MapsCycling directions in Apple MapsCycling directions in Apple MapsCycling directions in Apple Maps
This is why the new Apple Maps still isn’t available all over the globe, with some users provided with the old version that’s been around for so long.

In case you’re wondering what makes the new Apple Maps version such a compelling update, it all starts with more detailed maps and then ends with traffic navigation information like the location of stop signs and traffic lights.

And when it comes to the updated imagery, the new maps include a plethora of details for roads and parking lots, therefore making the navigation process a lot more convenient for drivers.

But as said, Apple has been painfully slow at rolling out this overhauled version of Apple Maps to users. The good news, however, is the company has reportedly started testing the update in more regions, and the general availability is just around the corner.

Users in Australia are seeing the new Apple Maps on their iPhones and CarPlay, though at this point, it all seems to be either just a test or the first wave of the global public rollout. The Cupertino-based tech giant has remained completely tight-lipped on the whole thing, so additional information should surface rather sooner than later.

In the meantime, the purpose of this updated Apple Maps experience is to make the app a better alternative to Google Maps.

It’s not a secret that despite Apple Maps being offered as a native solution on iPhones, many people switch to Google Maps because of the feature arsenal coming with the app. And it’s this feature arsenal; the one Apple is hoping to compete against with the new Apple Maps experience, though the slow rollout makes the wait for users across the world extremely frustrating.


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