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Apple Gives More Users a Very Good Reason to Dump Google Maps

In theory, Apple Maps is supposed to be one of the best alternatives to Google Maps, especially because it’s the native offering on the iPhone.
3D landmarks in Apple Maps 9 photos
Apple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in CanadaApple Maps update in Canada
In practice, however, Apple Maps is a solid choice mostly in the United States, as the majority of other regions out there are getting the latest-gen improvements developed by Apple at a really slow pace.

The good news is the Cupertino-based tech giant is working on dealing with this major shortcoming, and this week, it announced that more users are getting access to its massive Apple Maps overhaul.

Canadian users in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are now being provided with 3D city details but also with the new maps that include impressive details, such as road markings, trees, and elevation.

The highly detailed maps allow users to explore these cities in both day and night modes, thanks to custom-designed landmarks.

When it comes to navigation, the impressive road details that are bundled with Apple Maps are making quite a huge difference in the battle against Google Maps. Drivers can now see turn lanes, medians, bus and taxi lanes, and crosswalks.

Needless to say, they are also available on CarPlay, coming alongside other essential improvements, such as lane guidance and notifications to leave on a trip and arrive at a user-defined time.

Users in Montreal are also getting cycling directions, and if they have an Apple Watch, the same feature is also live on their wrists alongside voice guidance.

Clearly, Apple Maps is becoming a more solid alternative to Google Maps, but on the other hand, Apple seems to stick with the slow pace for rolling out improvements to non-U.S. regions out there. At this point, Google Maps continues to dominate the navigation software category pretty much because its entire feature lineup is available globally, whereas Apple Maps needs years to bring its latest goodies to everybody.


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