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Apple Developing New Apple Car Operating System, Will Take Care of Everything

The Apple Car is all but confirmed, and while the Cupertino-based tech giant continues to stay shut about this project, people familiar with the matter keep dropping hint after hint that the work on this front is making solid progress.
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The latest tidbits come as part of a report revealing a potential collaboration between Apple and Korean suppliers for the supply of self-driving sensors.

Previous rumors indicated that Apple was holding talks with a series of Korean suppliers, so if this new report is true, then an agreement has already been reached for the development of sensors supposed to power the autonomous driving capabilities.

At the same time, it’s believed the iPhone maker is working on an integrated operating system specifically built for the Apple Car and inspired by the one available on Tesla models.

What Apple wants to do is to create an operating system that would take care of absolutely everything in the Apple Car, from infotainment and navigation to self-driving capabilities. Tesla, which uses its own fork of Linux running on an Intel Atom chip, has also embraced a similar approach, and it’s believed this is the same direction that Apple is willing to use.

Obviously, Apple already has the know-how to set the foundation in terms of software for this project. Apple CarPlay (as well as an evolved version that would provide more integrated capabilities and which could see the daylight in the coming days) could eventually be used to create this new operating system.

But of course, it’s way too early to tell if this plan is already set in stone. Apple is expected to announce the Apple Car in 2025, at the earliest, and it goes without saying that a lot can change in the meantime. As far as Apple is concerned, Project Titan does not exist, and this gives the company the opportunity of changing in mind on all sorts of things without prior notice and without people out there making a big deal out of it.


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