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Apple Confirms GRID Legends and No Man’s Sky Are Coming to Mac and iPad

During its WWDC 2022 showcase event, Apple announced a couple of triple-A games will be coming to Mac and iPad. The announcement is meant to highlight the power of Apple silicon, which enables every new Mac to run these blockbuster games with ease.
No Man's Sky running on Mac 7 photos
GRID Legends screenshotGRID Legends screenshotGRID Legends screenshotNo Man's Sky screenshotNo Man's Sky screenshotNo Man's Sky screenshot
Despite the fact that Macs aren’t usually gaming platforms, it’s nice to know that you can run some of the best games from different genres. GRID Legends, the latest entry in the GRID series developed by Codemasters, is one of the games that will be coming not just to the new Mac, Apple confirmed today.

No Man’s Sky, one of Hello Games’ biggest successes, is coming to both Mac and iPad platforms, alongside another triple-A game released last year, Resident Evil Village. All three games are coming to Mac and iPad later this year, but exact release dates will be announced closer to launch.

Although Apple claims the Macs are powerful enough to run these games smoothly, this is only possible thanks to the new Metal 3 API, which is part of the new macOS Ventura. The new version of Metal comes with something called MetalFX framework, which makes it possible for the Macs to upscale more efficiently, intelligently draw frames from smoother gameplay, and access game data quicker.

The result of all this is an accelerated performance that offers gamers a more responsive feel and graphics that look stunning, at least that’s what Apple claims. Also, the Cupertino-based giant announced a so-called “Resource fast loading API” that should enable faster loading times by channeling game data directly from memory to the CPU.

Thanks to all these new technologies and without actually improving the power of its chipsets too much, Apple’s Macs and iPads will allow games to easily access high-quality textures and polygons, as well as provide a smooth gameplay experience overall.


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