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Apple CarPlay Plagued by Another Glitch, Google Maps Also Impacted

We’ve known for a while that iOS 15 has been a rather controversial release in terms of the CarPlay experience, as users who installed it ended up struggling with all kinds of problems in their vehicles.
CaPlay users struggling with more bugs 7 photos
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In theory, the experience has since been further polished with new software updates, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all problems are gone.

A glitch that was first reported in the first release of iOS 15 still seems to be around these days, with users reporting that the voice input is no longer working on CarPlay no matter what.

And because their voice commands are no longer accepted, the experience with must-have apps, such as Google Maps, is substantially impacted, as users just have to rely on touch input for the whole thing.

This discussion thread on Apple’s support forums indicates that the same glitch is hitting various other apps, not just Google Maps, though the navigation app seems to be the one primarily affected right now.

The recently released iOS 15.2 doesn’t make any difference for users out there, though some say the update has somehow corrected the problem, at least temporarily.

Others claim that installing this operating system update is actually making things even worse.

I too have the 15.2 as of today and actually it seems even worse! Satellite map view doesn’t seem to show even now unless the Google Maps is open on the iPhone screen and the speech search still doesn't work either,” one user explains on the support forums.

Unfortunately, there’s no workaround available right now, so except for reinstalling Google Maps, there’s not much you could try to restore the voice input in your car. Resetting the iPhone and starting from scratch also doesn’t seem to correct the glitch, which means Apple is the only one that could bring things back to normal with a full patch.


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