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Apple Car Team Is No More, Mass Production by 2025 Now in Doubt

A lot of uncanny things are happening behind the closed doors at Apple’s offices these days, and when it comes to the company’s automotive ambitions, the work appears to be more of a rollercoaster experience.
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As far as Apple is concerned, the Apple Car project does not exist, and a self-driving electric vehicle isn’t by any means being worked on.

But people familiar with the matter are providing us with a closer look at the progress made by the Apple Car every now and then. Most recently, Apple was believed to be discussing supply deals with various companies, including big names in the battery market.

The most recent tidbit comes from the insanely-accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. After registering a Twitter account not a long time ago, Kuo started sharing all kinds of insights into Apple’s projects, and his latest revealing concerns the Apple Car.

Kuo claims the Apple Car project team has been dissolved some time ago, so in theory, nobody is working on the EV right now. This doesn’t mean the project has been abandoned, though.

The analyst claims the iPhone maker tries to reorganize the whole effort, but it’d take between three to six months to complete the whole thing.

Doing this in a timely manner is critical. If the six-month deadline isn’t met, there’s a chance Apple fails to begin the mass production of its highly-anticipated Apple Car by 2025.

Sources with knowledge of the matter previously revealed Apple wanted to launch the Apple Car by 2025, with a prototype to be on the road by 2023, at the earliest. However, given the company’s Apple Car team is no more, there’s a chance creating a prototype for testing could take longer.

But even if it doesn’t, don’t expect to see the car on public roads. Apple will almost certainly stick with its FBI-like secrecy for every little step forward the project makes, as the company considers the Apple Car a top-priority product for its long-term strategy.


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