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Apple Car Seen as a Godsend for Continental’s Powertrain Unit

Theoretically, the Apple Car is still an uncertain project, as Apple has never said a single word about building an electric vehicle eventually sporting its fruity logo.
Vitesco hopes Apple would really launch an EV 1 photo
On the other hand, everybody knows the launch of the Apple Car is just a matter of time. The whole thing has been confirmed by people familiar with the matter and analysts with access to Apple’s supply chain and carmakers the Cupertino-based tech giant has reportedly discussed the production of EV with.

For example, Hyundai itself spilled the beans on the whole thing earlier this year, confirming it was talking with Apple over the manufacturing of an EV. Apple didn’t like Hyundai’s idea to go public on the negotiations, so the company eventually dropped the talks, choosing to find someone else to build its car instead.

In the meantime, everyone in the industry keeps an eye on the news because, let’s be honest about it, the most valuable company stepping into the automotive market is something really big.

While carmakers claim they won’t be affected by Apple’s investments in EVs, Continental’s powertrain unit believes this is exciting news for its future, especially as it’s making the switch to EVs.

Andreas Wolf, the Chief Executive Officer of Vitesco Technologies, the company that until 2019 was known as Continental Powertrain, told Bloomberg that the Apple Car's arrival is pretty good news for its future in the long term.

An Apple car would certainly be an exciting development. The more EVs there are, the better,” he said. “No matter what’s coming, we have the full range of hybrid and EV products, and that’s our great advantage. We don’t focus on just one specific technology but we cover all options.

In the meantime, Apple is believed to be embracing plan B when it comes to manufacturing the Apple Car. Instead of getting a traditional carmaker for the job, Apple is now planning to work with Foxconn, the company’s number one partner for manufacturing the iPhone. Foxconn would play the role of a contract manufacturer of the Apple Car, with the company recently confirming it wants to start the production of EVs in North America.


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