Apple Car Project Reportedly Gets a Reboot, Some Employees Simply Get the Boot

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This whole Apple car project risks turning into a second Roswell case. Nobody really knows what's going on but there are tons of rumors, the alleged spotting of the car a few months ago was as fake as that alien autopsy, and there were reports of strange noises coming out of what has got to be the equivalent of Hangar 18.
All we know so far is that Apple is indeed working on a project related to the automotive industry. Is it really a car? A whole vehicle? Or is it all about software, autonomous driving, and a very evolved interface that could be adapted to all sorts of models from different automakers? Your guess is as good as everybody else's who have guessed about it over the past months.

Initially, it was believed that Apple was working on an EV that would go head to head with Tesla's products. More recently, it has become apparent (as apparent as anything related to this matter can be) that the company behind the iPhone is more interested in the software area (of the self-driving type), a move that would make perfect sense since the investment in actually making a vehicle would be immense. It wasn't (and still isn't) clear if Apple had intended to produce a car up to that point or even if it gave up on it or the two projects will go on separately.

New reports coming from The New York Times say that a new reshuffle of the so-called Titan project had just taken place, with the company cutting off a few jobs and rethinking the entire initiative. What exactly does that mean? Well, the layoffs could be the late result of said newly gained exclusive focus on autonomous technology, which means that any technician specialized in developing the hardware part of a car would become redundant.

Whatever it is, Apple needs to find its focus, and it needs to do it fast. The industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate and the fruity-logoed company is already behind. And Apple sure isn't the kind of brand that can allow itself to come out with a half-product, one that is in beta-test.

It may have a hugely devoted fan base, but they've been accustomed to a certain level of quality, and anything less than that will not get a warm welcome. Right now, though, the real question isn't whether whatever it is that Apple is cooking will be a good product, but whether we will ever get to see any of it. It's a race between getting clear answers about the Titan project and meeting alien races, and the ETs have a decent shot at winning it.
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