Apple Buys Fisker, Promises iCar by 2015

After company founder Henrik Fisker himself left Fisker Automotive due to unresolved differences with the boards, it really did seem like they were going under soon, especially after even the Chinese pulled out of bidding for the company.
Fisker Karma 1 photo
The Karma range-extended electric vehicles is one of the most beautiful cars we've ever seen, though the drivetrain doesn't seem as advanced as Tesla's, despite offering over 400 horsepower and an aluminum frame. As a result, they haven't bult a single Ka

Good news finally came today, April 1st, as technology giant Apple has reportedly bought Fisker Automotive for the token sum of $1 (€0.78). Apple has promised to invest up to $1 billion (€780 million) over the next three years alone, culminating in the launch of the iCar in 2015.

The first new Fisker+Apple car to be launched will be a compact sedan, followed closely by a shooting brake, an SUV and a convertible. All the models will come standard with only one seat. If you want the other three, you'll be able to buy them from the Apple Store.

The company from 1 Infinite Loop has long been pondering going into the car-making business with an environmentally friendly vehicle. If the success of the iPhone series is anything to go by, the Fisker iCar will be a success story.


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