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Apple Also In Talks With Lit Motors Start Up

It’s clear that tech companies are very interested in getting in the auto world. And if Google, Tesla, and Uber are first that come to mind, Apple will soon join as it’s stretching its tentacles to companies like McLaren and even start-ups like Lit Motors.
Lit Motors C-1 1 photo
A report from The New York Times states that tech giant Apple is in the talks with Lit Motors, the San Francisco-based start-up company that made an electric self-balancing motorcycle. According to three anonymous sources, Apple has already hired several former Lit Motor engineers and now plans a potential acquisition.

If McLaren didn’t deny having had a conversation with Apple, Lit Motors and Apple refused to comment on their possible deal. A deal with the former company would allow Apple to tap into the carmaker’s high-end automotive technology, while the latter would offer expertise in more economic and efficient vehicles.

Lit Motors is struggling for quite some years to bring a self-balancing C-1 electric two-wheeler on the market. The estimated price for such a vehicle is somewhere around $24,000.

Looking like a pod with two wheels, the C-1 is supposed to offer both the safety and comfort of a car and the efficiency of a motorcycle. Lit Motors envision the C-1 would go as fast as 120 mph (193 km/h) and as far as 200 miles, which sounds awesome for such a small electric vehicle.

Recent tests at Laguna Seca saw the C-1 doing a top speed of 52 mph (83 km/h), way under the planned value and probably one of the reasons the vehicle is still in its prototype phase.

On the other hand, the gyroscope self-balancing system really does a great job, even on ice as another test showed last year.


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