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Apex Nano Travel Trailer Is Incredibly Affordable for Its Size but May Hide a Dark Secret
While searching for amazing travel trailers tuned and adapted for on-the-road living, I decided to check back with a manufacturer I've met before, Coachmen RV. It's here that I ran across a camper that is a complete oxymoron: it's called the Apex Nano, but it's anything but minuscule.

Apex Nano Travel Trailer Is Incredibly Affordable for Its Size but May Hide a Dark Secret

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In 1964 and across the United States, a new name appeared on the camper and motorhome scene, Coachmen RV. Fast forward to today, and this manufacturer is still alive and kicking under the Forest River umbrella. While they're typically known for building massive motorhomes, I decided to shed light on a machine that's more for those that don't have endless cash to blow on mobile homes; this one is more like a mobile studio.

As you've picked up by now, the object of our imagination is the Apex Nano travel trailer. Again, contrary to its name, this rolling cave is rather roomy even though it's filled with everything you and up to five more people could need while camping or exploring off-grid. While I'm at it, let me make one thing clear: this model is available in ten different floorplans, each affecting the trailer's size, number of beds, and everything else too. The only thing that probably won't be affected is the heritage that Coachmen brings to the table.

With so many available choices, I've decided to simplify things a little and point out some of the standard essentials and options available for all these mobile homes. It should be more than enough to help you understand what's in store for you if you ever decide to consider one of these for a future RV purchase. Speaking of purchasing, you'll find a large range of rates for these buggers, starting at around $30,000 (€29,400 at current exchange rates) and stopping whenever your dreams are fulfilled.

In my opinion, that's a very average price, and for it, you'll receive a powder-coated frame with an aluminum cage construction. Over that, Coachmen lays down vacuum-bonded Azdel fiberglass sidewalls, rear wall, and a Dicor Crossflex roof. To help you extend your journeys into the colder months, a heated and enclosed underbelly is also part of the base package.

What you'll discover as you dive deeper into this travel trailer is that Coachmen seems to be pushing future owners towards an off-grid lifestyle. I say this because there are countless comfort and capability packages that Coachmen deem "mandatory." This includes the Nano package, which brings numerous protection features like stone guards, and extras like spare tire mount, stabilizer jacks, and a few electronics.

Even though the Nanos are ready for off-grid gear, a bare one doesn't necessarily include things like batteries and solar panels, but with the off-grid package, which again is mandatory, you'll receive 100 watts of solar power to run some light electronics. If you want more and you'll have to take things into your own hands.

As for the level of comfort you'll be exposed to, just check out the gallery. Interiors are equipped with bedding areas, fully equipped galleys ad bathrooms, and modular dinettes are all in the day's work. Some units even include multiple bunk beds, Murphy beds, and slideouts. If you want to go above and beyond what Coachmen showcases on their website, be sure to run your ideas past them and have the cash ready; most RV manufacturers allow for customer wishes and needs to be integrated into their future homes.

What I discovered as I was exploring these units is that most owners are selling theirs after about 7,000 miles (11,265 kilometers). Why is that? Are people really getting sick of their RVs after just a few adventures, or is there more to this story than meets the eye? If there is a general issue with Apex Nano travel trailers, Coachmen probably wouldn't mention it, but you can find plenty of forums with folks expressing their experiences with these campers.

At the end of the day, you don't need to have $30,000 or more to own such a unit. There are plenty of hand-me-downs on the market. All you have to do is research the Apex Nano for a little bit and go from there. Just a little something to consider in the future.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of Apex Nano floorplans and custom interiors.


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