Another Tesla Runs Down a Dummy Kid During Test While on Full Self-Driving Beta Mode

There's a lot of outrage on the Internet over an old video that showed a radar-less Tesla Model Y failing to stop for kids (dummy). Several Tesla owners, over the last couple of days, decided to test for themselves if their units had a vile intention against these little humans. A particular video posted on Reddit caught our eyes.
Tesla FSD Test with Dummy Child 6 photos
Photo: Reddit Screenshot/ Subreddit / r/Damnthatsinteresting/u/ohnoh18/
Tesla FSD Test with Dummy ChildTesla FSD Test with Dummy ChildTesla FSD Test with Dummy ChildTesla FSD Test with Dummy ChildTesla FSD Test with Dummy Child
In May last year, Tesla confirmed it would offer radar-less vehicles for its Northern American consumers with Model 3 and Model Y units despite harsh criticism from experts. Europe and the Middle East got the same deal at the beginning of the year.

We all understand that FSD (Full Self-Driving) is only available in beta. Therefore, the driver must always be in control of the vehicle. However, a recent video uploaded on Reddit gave worrying results after a Tesla owner tested his unit with a fake child (dummy) while it was on FSD beta mode.

"So, I am here with my daughter, and we are going to put it to the test to see if the car really can avoid a collision. And as you can see here, we've got a dummy child," the owner said.

Compared with most tests with children (mostly on the side of the road), this test had a real-life aspect. The dummy was suspended on a string and slowly pulled across the street from one side to the other to imitate a crossing child.

The test had shocking results. The car failed to spot the dummy. Tesla's visualization didn't pick up on any human crossing the road and went right through it.

On a separate video posted on Twitter using a cardboard dummy. The Tesla used detected the fake child (dummy) and slowed down with a slight turn to avoid a collision.

The sheer number of complaints cropping isn't making things any easier for the EV pioneer. Two complaints filed by the California DMV accuse the automaker of misleading its consumers about its autonomous features.

Redditors were equally shocked at the footage, with most of them turning the horrendous discovery into a light moment.

"I mean, Tesla is all about saving the environment, and humans are the biggest threat to the environment. Hmmm." One commenter said. "To be fair, if I see a ghost child floating through the air, I ain't stopping either," another commenter joked.
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