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Another Tech Whizz Joins the Space Race. Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Starts Privateer

There’s fierce competition among the billionaires of the planet these days when it comes to conquering space, with all of them suddenly realizing this world is no longer enough. And despite the fact that we’ve all had enough of the Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk rivalry, now Steve Wozniak comes to claim his slice of the pie with his newly founded space company.
Steve Wozniak announces new space startup Privateer 6 photos
Steve Wozniak starts new space companySteve Wozniak starts new space companyNew Shepard rocketSteve Wozniak starts new space companyJeff Bezos next to the Blue Moon lander concept for making deliveries to the Moon
The Apple cofounder recently Tweeted that he's starting a private space company, boasting that it would be unlike the others, working to keep space safe and accessible to all humankind. We don’t have any details about the startup yet, except for a name and a teaser video released on YouTube.

Privateer Space, which is the name of the company, was apparently founded by Woz and former Apple engineer Alex Fielding. This isn’t the first time Fielding and Wozniak have worked together, with the duo going back a long way. Wozniak was on the board of directors of Ripcord Networks, a robotics startup founded by Fielding in 2003.

Wozniak chooses to keep it all mysterious for now, with the Privateer website leaving us on the “dark side of the moon” as well. The only other useful information we get from the site is that we will receive further details about Privateer during the AMOS Tech 2021 conference that just started today. The event is taking take place in Maui, Hawaii, between September 14 and September 17.

Steve Wozniak is a computer programmer, electronics engineer and technology entrepreneur. He cofounded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976, after having developed the first Apple computer a year earlier. He also designed the Apple II, which was launched in 1977. Wozniak left Apple in 1985.

We are now patiently waiting to see whether Privateer will be able to catch up with its main competitors, SpaceX and Blue Origin, which are engaged in a never-ending feud over space domination.


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