Another Russian Driver Fails to Yield

Yielding or giving way to a car which is on a main road is vital for maintaining order on the streets of the world’s cities. If people don’t give way, more drivers will be forced to brake more often, journey times increase, they use more fuel and the road ends up being a very unsafe place - some cities are genuinely like this, and driving is extremely tedious and dangerous.
This Russian driver clearly doesn’t understand the concept, as he changes lanes just before turning left, without any indication of indicating, and ends up ruining the day of another driver who, in this case, didn’t do anything wrong. The road was also wet and braking was far less effective than it would have been on any other day.

Thankfully, the speed of the impact was not great enough to cause any injuries for any of the people involved, but if this was a road outside of town, where speeds are much higher, the denouement would have been a much grimmer one!
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