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"Another One Drives a Duster" Is a Funny Queen Cover Made by Dacia

Dacia UK has been dormant for the past four months. But it came out swinging from the outset of 2016 with a funny commercial that we think will appeal to 50-year-olds who frequently buy these types of budget crossovers.
"Another One Drives a Duster" Is a Funny Queen Cover Made by Dacia 1 photo
The ad is titled "Another One Drives a Duster" and is almost as catchy as the original song by Queen that inspired its lyrics. Mind you, as a fan of the band, it hurts me to see Another One Bites the Dust turned into a car salesman's pitch. The song is all about being rebellious, not doing the predictable thing and buying one of the cheapest crossovers available.

In a time where cartoons show blood and gore, Queen's song doesn't sound like the hymn of revolution. But back in the 80s, your parents could ground you if they caught you listening to the song. "Another One Bites the Dust" was one of many popular rock songs that Christian evangelists said it contained so-called backmasking.

According to them, if you play it backward, the chorus says "it's fun to smoke marijuana" or "start to smoke marijuana." It was like the Miley Cyrus naked on the stage of its generation... but classier.

Bass guitarist John Deacon later said that Michael Jackson suggested turning this song into a single, hinting that the Queen members had no idea just how good it was.

But I digress; let's get back to the Dacia Duster ad. It's showing us all sorts of snobs that previously turned their noses to the cheap Romanian car. In a way, by not giving them redeeming features that normal folks would identify with, the makers of the ad force us to say to ourselves "well, I'd better not be a badge snob and consider a Duster, since everyone else is."

The Dacia badge might be a problem in Britain, but it most certainly isn't everywhere else. The Duster was the best performing car made by Renault or Nissan in 2015 and the factories just can't keep up with demand.

Let's just use a bit of trivia to give this story a nice ending. The Duster was launched in Britain in 2012. Originally, RHD models were imported from India, but the company started shipping from Romania two years later.

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