Another Kahn Project Hits the Streets – A Ferrari

And not just any Ferrari (if there's anything as a “just a Ferrari”) but a Ferrari 599 GTB. This looks like Project Kahn is looking to secure its place as a top tuner for luxury cars with its latest project. The GTB is probably the best front-engined supercar as Jeremy Clarkson once put it so eloquently.

Though Kahn is not the only tuner to eye the 599 GTB (Novitec already gave it 800 hp), this project is aimed to be a classier interpretation of the car. Kahn knows the heritage of this thoroughbred and that's why it struggles to keep its image pristine while adding those small touches that make it into a Kahn design.

Top speed is 205 mph, with an acceleration from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds and a standing start in 20 seconds. The engine used on the car is a V12 also used on the Ferrari Enzo which delivers a staggering 620 bhp and can rev all the way up to 8400 rpm.

This powerful engine excels also due to the light weight of the chassis, make out of aluminum by Scaglietti. The body is also made out of aluminum and it uses some of the technologies that have leaked from Formula 1 racing. Some of these are the F1-Trac, a new traction and stability system, the F1-superfast, a quicker gearbox using paddles.

The suspension is also state of the art, using magneto-rheological suspension dampers. These are filled with a fluid that becomes more viscous if a magnetic field is applied to the damper. All these help make the 599 into a very smooth and responsive ride. Kahn lowered the suspension and fitted 21-inch wheels on the rear and 20-inch wheels in the front.

The interior has also been pimped in order to accommodate even the most pretentious of customers. The car was built with long drives in mind, so you know that everything has to be very comfortable.
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