Another 86 Million New Cars Sold in 2018, Toyota Ranks First

One of the most dynamic and capricious industries in the world managed to retain the momentum it gained in 2017 and swallowed another 86 million new cars last year. According to JATO Dynamics, there were 86.01 million cars sold in 2018 versus 86.43 million a year before, representing a minor 0.5 percent decrease.
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The analysis made by JATO Dynamics refers to the top 54 markets of the world. From their data, it’s obvious that once again the best place to be selling cars was China, a country that on its own accounted for over 30 percent of the total sales: 28.08 million cars.

It was because of the Chinese that the overall result was negative, as the country sold 2.8 percent fewer cars in 2018 than in 2017.

“The dip in the Chinese market had ramifications upon the rest of the global market in 2018,” said in a statement Felipe Munoz, JATO global analyst.

“As China makes up nearly 30% of global vehicle sales, any change that happens there is felt across the rest of the world.”

It took the entire might of the European continent to manage to sell 17.7 million cars and come in second, but that number is way behind that of the Chinese. Only with the help of the U.S., the year’s third best selling region, does Europe manage to overtake China.

A surprise result was posted by India, which on its own was responsible for 3.92 million cars of the total, more than Germany or the UK. JATO predicts that by 2021 the country will quickly climb to the third spot globally, overtaking Europe and the U.S.

The SUV segment accounted for most of the sales last year, now representing 36.4 percent of the entire market, or 29.77 million cars.

As for carmakers, the best selling one was once again Toyota, with 8.09 million cars. The Japanese are trailed way behind by Volkswagen, with 6.74 million cars and Ford, with nearly 5 million vehicles. As a twist though, the best selling car globally was Ford’s F-Series (1.07 million cars).

The full findings of the JATO research can be found in the document attached below.

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