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Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4 Looks Mind-Blowing, Has Matching Key

It's been a while since we last brought you a story involving a Porsche Cayman GT4 wrap and yet the one we're here to bring you today is worth the wait.
Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4 6 photos
Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4Anonymous Gulf Livery Porsche Cayman GT4
We've seen so many Porsche owners, especially people who drive 911 GT3 RS PDKs, going for the Gulf livery approach that the classic take risks becoming... well... mainstream.

However, we have machines such as this uber-Cayman, that bring a different take on the Gulf second skin. In this case, we're dealing with what we'd call an anonymous Gulf livery.

Yes, the colors are right, but the lubrication company's name isn't mentioned here, while the mix of the hues could easily trick an untrained eye into believing this is just a Blue Porsche with an Orange stripe.

Come to think of it, the greatest Porsche line-up change that took place since the time back this year when we brought you the GT4 stories mentioned in the intro has to do with the German automotive producer kicking off 911 R deliveries.

And while the R has had its fair share of wrap episodes, the number of such second skin cases is nowhere near as great as that of the GT3 RS or GT4 units. Then again, with the production limited to 991 units and many owners flipping their cars for monster profit, we don't expect the 911 R customization situation to change anytime soon - here's the most extreme 911 R wrap story we've brought you so far, in case you missed it.

Returning to the mid-engined Porscha we have here, the piece of footage at the bottom of the page also allows you to check out tons of driving scenes, with these having been captured from both outside and inside the driving tool. Oh, and let's not forget the entrepreneurial talk that comes as a bonus.

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