Animal Print S63 Cabrio and McLaren 675LT Seem Russian

Fur, like real leather, is one of those things that divides Europe. A few countries have banned real fur coats and, unless we're mistaken, fines go into the thousands of euros if you're caught wearing one.
Animal Print S63 Cabrio 2 photos
Photo: Plastiliner on Instagram
Animal Print S63 Cabrio and McLaren 675LT Seem Russian
It doesn't even have to be real. The internet is filled with videos of models being attacked with paint for wearing something that remotely resembles fur. However, way East of the border, fur coats are still seen as a statement piece.

It's not uncommon to spot a tall blond rocking some foxy hides while visiting the Louver or another popular tourist destination. Those ladies are Russian models, and we're going to pretend that these two virtual tuning projects are what they'd drive.

While most rendering artists use popular 3D models to create slammed, aggressive race cars with huge aero, Plastiliner is more into textures. These are not the most relevant two cars, so it feels like they've been reinvented as wild machines for a Zoolander sequel.

You can give Ben Stiller the McLaren because he likes to be the best and Owen Wilson in the laid-back Mercedes with the big engine and the lazy boy seats.

Anyway, the S63 2-door is still available for about another year. You can have the S560 for about €150,000 or the S63 with the 612 horsepower 4-liter V8 for nearly 200k. Chris Harris called it one of the best GTs of all time, but that was before the new Bentley models came out. Plastiliner's rendering has it putting on some king of leopard sports.

Meanwhile, the 675LT was this epic version of the 650S. Even though McLaren built it for the track, you mostly saw them in Monaco or Paris during the summer before the billionaires of the world found other exotics to flaunt their wealth with. Tiger stripes are matched with some kind of burgundy accents - very tasteful if you like furry cars.

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