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Angry Toyota Yaris Driver Pulls out a Gun and Shoots in Poland

Thought all road rage dashcam videos come from Russia? No, those are simply the most spread on the Internet. They can come even from Poland as this clip here shows.
Yaris driver with gun 1 photo
Normally, Toyota drivers, especially those in a Yaris, can be looked at as well-balanced people, who could easily get over a small traffic “incident”. Well, not this one here, who almost tried to shoot another driver just for getting in front of him.

Apparently, the driver who posted the video had to quickly change lanes as his was ending soon, a maneuver which bothered the Toyota Yaris driver... a lot. The latter snapped and started swerving in front of the car that did him wrong, doing “brake checks” and not letting it pass.

It all culminated when the mad man rolled down the window and flicked a handgun out, shooting a bullet in the air, which could have been the cab of the other car if it tried to overtake again. Luckily, they were on a bridge and there were no buildings on the other side of the road, otherwise that stray bullet could have hurt someone.

Better watch out what you do in traffic. You never know when some crazy dude with a gun goes berserk because you haven’t signaled or something and sets you up for a real f****d up day.


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