Angry Brit Refuses to Be Towed, Jumps Astra off Platform

Everybody who's been the 'victim' of one of these will attest that having your car towed away is a horrible feeling, comparable to losing a pet… maybe even worse. You're always worried about the lifters damaging your precious paintjob or even worse, dropping the whole thing on its side. And let's not forget the hefty fines you'll have to put up with to get it back!
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One British motorist decided to take things into his own hands earlier this week. Instead of letting them do as they please, he got behind the wheel of his Vauxhall Astra before it properly secured to the platform and simply jumped off.

It seems a bit extreme, but so is taking somebody's automobile for ransom. The best thing of all is that since this is an early 2000s (or older) hatch, fixing anything done to the suspension probably costs £50 at his local breakers yard.

This incident happened in Walthamstow, east London. The video was actually shot by the guys towing the Astra, a standard legal procedure done in case the owners want to sue them. Everybody on scene that day was shocked to see how the angry motorist revved his engine and jumped some three feet off the platform, landing with a loud "thunk".

Local police say they're no longer involved in the case. The Astra owner still has a fine to pay, even if he managed to free his car from the clutches of the tow truck.

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