Angry Bison Rams Minivan

Man’s expansion on our home planet is relentless. Encroaching on pristine wilderness with our roads and cities which are constantly expanding all over the world. In this video, the bison is definitely angry because the people and their cars are on his land and they are disrupting his and the herd's natural way of life.
From another, more simplistic, point of view, the scene itself is rather amusing, but we know we was rooting for the bison in its confrontation with the minivan. It rams it with such force that the whole car shakes and the corner of the bumper comes of. The right front fender (although not visible in the video) was definitely seriously dented.

Hopefully, it will serve as a reminder to everybody involved that, after all, even driving your car through an area where animals live and have lived for thousands of years, will disrupt their natural behavior. We tend to ignore boundaries which are not set by our own kind and this has lead to numerous unpleasant animal encounters with humans, throughout recent history.

Scenes like this one are common all around the world and they are proof of the very intrusive way in which we live our lives. Bison in so many areas have gone extinct so it’s a matter of time before we drive all of them away for good.
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