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Android Automotive Now Has a Top-Notch Browser, Making Android Auto Feel Outdated

Based on the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome, Vivaldi is a browser that comes with an insane number of customization options while also packing privacy controls that you can’t find in other apps.
Vivaldi on Android Automotive 6 photos
Vivaldi on Android AutomotiveVivaldi on Android AutomotiveVivaldi on Android AutomotiveVivaldi on Android AutomotiveVivaldi on Android Automotive
Vivaldi has therefore evolved to become one of the best browsers out there, not only on PCs but also on Android devices, as the team behind the app has brought most of the features to smartphones too.

And now, Vivaldi is making its way to cars as well, as it has become the first browser to go live on Android Automotive.

Developed in partnership with Polestar and available today on the Polestar 2, Vivaldi for Android Automotive sports must-have features like tabbed browsing, streaming support, and even online shopping. It obviously takes full advantage of the touch capabilities in Android Automotive-powered cars, but it’s important to know you can only interact with the app when parked.

The good news is that the streaming content will continue to run even if you start driving, though you’ll only hear the audio with no video. You can’t download any files, and no private browsing data is stored by the vehicle.

Vivaldi is live for European, North American, and Asia Pacific markets, and the parent company promises to deliver updates on a regular basis, just like it does with all the other versions of its super-impressive browser.

Android Automotive is clearly becoming a more and more advanced car platform, and now that it even comes with a browser, Android Auto certainly feels outdated. Without a doubt, more apps would make their way to Android Automotive, given it comes with support for the Google Play Store, so it’s all just a matter of time until the ecosystem grows substantially.

If you use Android Auto behind the wheel, the only way to browse the web is to just take the phone in your hand and fire up your favorite browser – hopefully, it’s the Android version of Vivaldi because this is quite an impressive application.


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