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Android Auto Wireless Is Cool, But Here’s the Proof Updates Make Things Go South

The wireless version of Android Auto is way more convenient than its wired sibling for a very simple reason: you no longer need a cord to run the app, and as many of us learned the hard way, cables are very often the ones causing all kinds of problems that eventually ruin the entire experience behind the wheel.
Listening to music has become a struggle on Android Auto wireless 6 photos
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And Google says the adoption of Android Auto wireless is on the rise, as over 100 million cars already come with this mode right from the factory.

At the first glance, this is good news for the future of Android Auto, especially because the wireless mode reduces the likelihood of problems, but on the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is always running exactly as expected.

And the living proof in this regard is this fresh batch of reports coming from Android Auto wireless users who claim that listening to music in their cars has become such a big struggle lately.

And it’s because Android Auto is causing music to become choppy, with all the audio experiencing some sort of stuttering no matter the app they’re using.

Most users claim the whole thing is happening when switching from one app to another, so for example, if they’re listening to music on Spotify and then tap the Google Maps icon, the music instantly becomes choppy, and it doesn’t come back to normal no matter what.

The only workaround is to just disconnect Android Auto completely by turning off Wi-Fi or enable the airplane mode, but it goes without saying this isn’t necessarily a very convenient workaround when driving.

Several users have confirmed the same problems on various car models, including BMW, SEAT, and Skoda, and at the first glance, the phone brand doesn’t make any difference. Google hasn’t acknowledged the error, so at this point, it’s hard to say if a fix is coming or not.


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