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Android Auto Wi-Fi Icon Mysteriously Disappears, Hopefully Not Intended

In some ways, Android Auto always feels like a work-in-progress, and some of the features that appear to be running flawlessly today end up malfunctioning for no obvious reason.
Android Auto Wi-Fi icon in the status bar 6 photos
The new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UI
This is precisely what’s happening right now with the Wi-Fi icon that Android Auto displays when a wireless connection is used in the car.

Several users have discovered that starting in early July, Android Auto no longer shows the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar. While some seem to believe this is intended behavior, it is certainly not, especially as in several cases, the Wi-Fi icon isn’t the only one that went away.

We’re also seeing reports of the 5G icon no longer being displayed either, and the timing is similar, with the change noticed in early July.

Very important to know is that despite the icon no longer being shown, everything is still working properly, so it’s all just a matter of the indicator not showing up anymore.

I use my built-in car Wi-Fi when using android auto instead of cellular data. Android Auto used to show the Wi-Fi icon up top next to the weather info and cell reception bars. However, for the past week the Wi-Fi icon has been missing, even though my phone is still connecting to the Wi-Fi. I liked seeing the Wi-Fi icon while using AA and seeing the signal strength,” someone explains on the Google forums.

It's not yet clear if the typical workarounds, which include a downgrade to an earlier version of Android Auto, removing the data and the cache, and resetting the app, produce any improvement. So far, however, Google is yet to acknowledge this glitch, so it remains to be seen if a fix is coming or not.

The most recent version of the app is Android Auto 7.9 beta, with the stable build also expected in the coming weeks when the testing will be completed.


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