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Android Auto Users Struggling With Waze App Despite Official Google Fix

The fact that Waze is currently one of the most popular navigation apps out there isn’t by any means a guarantee everything is supposed to run correctly 24/7.
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Some Android Auto users certainly know all too well, as they’re hitting various issues with Waze in their cars despite an official fix released by Google. First and foremost, it’s a bug causing Waze to no longer show up on Android Auto.

While we’ve seen this problem reported before, the fix didn’t take more than a minute, as users just had to re-enable the app from the settings screen of Android Auto. In other words, Waze got removed from the app list in Android Auto, and users needed to re-enable it manually.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case here, as some claim the app is nowhere to be seen even after enabling it in Android Auto.

So right now, it’s not exactly clear why Waze is missing in action for some Android Auto users, and a workaround that does the trick for everybody doesn’t seem to exist.

Now, some users claim Waze just loses GPS tracking, which means the app is no longer able to determine their location and thus provide directions to a defined destination. Again, this is something that’s been reported before, but in most cases, the problem went away after an app update or using a manual GPS recalibration on Android devices.

One thing that’s worth checking here is the battery management system, as Waze needs to be allowed to run in the background on the Android device to make sure its services aren’t suspended.

Google released a fix for GPS issues in Waze in version 4.67, but users in this thread continue to complain about similar problems, explaining the app still doesn’t work correctly in their cars despite installing the most recent version.

In the meantime, Waze for Android Auto has recently received several highly anticipated improvements, including support for lane guidance.


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