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Android Auto Users Report New Notification Problems with Top Messaging App

If you’re a Signal user, you probably know this is one of the apps whose adoption skyrocketed lately, mostly as a result of the WhatsApp exodus that started earlier this year.
Android Auto home screen 1 photo
With Signal itself confirming an impressive increase in the number of users creating new accounts, it’s pretty clear the app ended up being used on various devices, including in the car on Android Auto.

But as it turns out, the experience with Signal on Android Auto still needs additional refinements, as several users are complaining of broken notifications after a recent update.

I first spotted such problems on Android Auto last week, but I wasn’t sure the whole thing was caused by Google’s app or by Signal itself. But according to this reddit thread, several others are hitting the same problems with Signal, including both the stable and the beta builds.

So at the first glance, Signal is the culprit here, though for now, it’s not very clear what’s causing the whole thing and whether a recent update is the one to blame.

Is there anything you can do in the meantime? This isn’t clear either, as I tried downgrading to an earlier Signal version but the notifications still don’t seem to show up on Android Auto. Neither Google nor the Signal team acknowledged the notification glitches, so it remains to be seen when a fix could land.

In the meantime, Google is already preparing to ship a new update for Android Auto, and as it happens every month, the focus would be on fixing the overall performance and further refining the experience under the hood.

While we still don’t know if any improvements for Signal users are expected, you really shouldn’t hold your breath for a full fix, especially because the two companies have so far remained tight-lipped on everything, so your best option continues to be the generic workarounds available out there.


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