Android Auto Updates Are a Huge Mess, And This Widespread Bug Is a Painful Reminder

Installing the most recent Android Auto updates is a very risky thing to do, as these new releases sometimes end up causing more harm than good.
The glitch breaks down Android Auto in some cars 11 photos
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Unfortunately, users learn the whole thing the hard way, and as it turns out, a new lesson is live right now following the release of another Android Auto update.

More specifically, one of the most recent Android Auto versions seems to be wreaking havoc in the car, as it stops the app from running for no clear reason.

In other words, after updating Android Auto to the latest stable version, the app fails to load, with users only getting a message that the launch wasn’t completed.

At first glance, Android Auto 7.8 appears to be the culprit, though someone says on Google’s forums that going back to an earlier release doesn’t produce any improvement. In other words, the one to blame could be a server-side change that Google quietly made to Android Auto and which isn’t linked with a specific Android Auto release.

However, Samsung smartphones seem to be primarily affected by the bug, though the aforementioned Google forums thread also includes reports from owners of devices from other brands. In all cases, Android Auto exhibits similar behavior, as the app fails to launch after a recent update.

Google has already launched an investigation, but for now, it’s not known if and when a fix could receive the go-ahead. Given that Samsung’s phones are primarily hit by the bug, the South Korean company should also investigate the reports, as one of its recent updates could come with a compatibility error with Android Auto.

In the meantime, users are all alone in their struggle to find a fix, and given over 100 of them have already confirmed the problem, it’s pretty clear Google must come up with a patch as soon as possible.


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