Android Auto Updated Just In Time For the Summer

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As automaker such as Toyota and Mazda roll out retrofits for in-car connectivity, Google has redesigned Android Auto for more than 500 models from 50 automakers. The latest version of the mirroring app will launch this summer, featuring an interface “built to help you get on the road faster.”

Google also promises “more useful information at a glance” and the simplification of “common tasks while driving.” As soon as you turn the ignition on, Android Auto will show up on the infotainment system’s display with your music and navigation of choice. In addition to the ever-popular Google Maps, Waze is also utilized by millions around the world.

The redesigned navigation bar helps the driver with turn-by-turn directions while using other apps on the same screen. “Do more with fewer taps” is another highlight of Android Auto’s latest update, and the notification center features an easy-to-use interface.

From the standpoint of colors, the dark theme can be coupled with colorful accents and read fonts. These changes are meant to fit with the car’s interior better than the previous Android Auto. Visibility has also been improved, both during daylight and when driving at night.

But wait, there’s more! “If you have a car with a wider screen, Android Auto now maximizes your display to show you more information.” The data in question includes next-turn directions, playback controls for Spotify, ongoing calls, and nearby restaurants.

Google rolled out Android Auto in March 2015 for the 5.0 Lollipop operating system, one year after Apple released the CarPlay standard for iOS 7.1 and higher versions for the iPhone 5 and beyond. Both standards are also available wireless, but that depends a lot on your car’s infotainment system.

These being said, who wants autoplay on startup? The simple answer is “most people,” but the few others who prefer peace and quiet should be given an option to disable the media player or navigation. For the more tech-savvy among us, the “Ok Google” assistant is probably the most useful trait of Android Auto.

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