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Android Auto Sometimes Ignores Messages from Android Phones

I’ve seen lots of bugs on Android Auto, but the one that some users are now reporting on Google’s forums is pretty odd.
The issue happens with the latest AA version 1 photo
More specifically, it looks like Android Auto sometimes fails to display notifications for any kind of message that comes from an Android device.

In other words, if someone with an Android smartphone sends you a text, Android Auto for some reason doesn’t show the notification. If the message comes from an iPhone, everything works just as expected.

The user who reported this strange behavior on support forums reveals that the whole thing happens in a Subaru Impreza with a Samsung Galaxy S10e. The default messaging app is used for handling texts, and the most recent version of Android Auto is installed.

The screen display in my car (Subaru Impreza) does not show notifications or read the text messages I receive from other Android users. Messages sent from iPhones come through fine. When I receive a text from another Android phone, my phone doesn't even light up or have the notification sound go off (but if I check my phone I can see it as usual),” the Android Auto user explains.

Someone else confirms that the whole thing happens in their 2020 Kia Soul as well, once again with the Samsung Galaxy S10e, so there’s a chance that the problem might actually be caused by a device issue that’s not entirely related to Android Auto.

While nobody can figure out how the device determines that the text comes from an Android device and thus blocks the notification, the good news is that this doesn’t seem to be a widespread behavior. In fact, I’m seeing just a few reports right now, but I remember something similar happened earlier this year as well when all notifications were disabled on Android Auto too.

It’s hard to tell at this point if these two problems are related but for now, nothing seems to work to bring things back to normal.


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