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Android Auto Not in the Mood for Chatter, Quietly Rejects Calls

One of the essential features bundled with Android Auto is the support for phone calls, as users can make and receive calls while having their mobile devices connected to the head unit in their cars.
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Obviously, this comes in handy in so many ways, especially because drivers can therefore keep their eyes on the road while still being able to manage phone calls.

Unfortunately, some Android Auto users learned the hard way this isn’t necessarily the case, pretty much because the feature occasionally ends up completely broken down.

However, the most recent glitch hitting Android Auto comes with a rather unusual behavior. The phone calls that users receive are automatically rejected, all without anybody even knowing about it.

Nevertheless, the calls are then displayed as rejected in the phone call history logs.

At first glance, posts on Google’s forums seem to suggest that the issue comes down only to certain phone models and cars. More often than not, the affected cars are built by Volkswagen, while the phones are Xiaomi devices running Android 10 or Android 11.

Someone, however, claims they’ve managed to resolve the problem by updating to the latest beta version of Android Auto – at the time of writing, the most recent build for testing is Android Auto 7.9.

The good news is that not the bug isn’t very widespread at this point, so only a handful of users seem to be struggling with this mysterious behavior of Android Auto. However, there’s also a chance that others haven’t even noticed the glitch, given the calls are silently rejected and only appear in the logs on the mobile device.

Android Auto 7.9 is currently in the beta channel, and an ETA as to when the stable build could go live isn’t yet available. The rollout of this stable release, however, should kick off later this month through the Google Play Store.


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